They say that the only constant in life is change itself. There are no truer words when it comes to how quickly one’s fortune and misfortune can intertwine and shape the path of their life.

Today, we have people as young as Mark Zuckerberg who put in the hard work and reach their goals to make the Forbes Billionaires list. A list, mind you, that is riddled with seniors who have been veterans of their respective industries for decades.

But just because the founder of Facebook is young and in his 30s does not mean that he doesn’t have every right to be on that list. His young age did not stop him from amassing the kind of wealth that made him a household name throughout the world.

What’s the Point?

The point is, age is nothing but a number. Just because Mark is young does not disqualify him from being richer than 99% of the planet’s population. The same thing applies to you. Just because you are senior does not necessarily mean that your life is over; it does not mean that you cannot achieve greatness even in your twilight years.

The world is full of examples of people who have come into their own as they aged. These people, although considered extra-ordinary now, were once just like you.

Whether it was to make millions, have the perfect body or to have Romeo and Juliet style relationships, they had dreams, goals, and wishes that they did not meet. They must have, at one time or another, felt as if their lives were going nowhere. That is until they blew up and become some of the most iconic figures in the world.

Two Examples of People who Achieved Massive Success in their Old Age

To illustrate the point, here is a list of well-known super achievers who came into their own in old age:

  • Nelson Mandela: Perhaps the most recognizable name on this list, and in the world, the late Nelson Mandela lived a life that was dedicated to freeing his native country of South Africa from the clutches of the oppressive apartheid regime that was running it. For his activism, he was thrown in prison for more than two decades. When he was released, he was 72 years old, pretty much at the end of his life. That did not stop him from becoming the first black president of South Africa four years later and the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
  • Colonel Harland David Sanders: If you like KFC, you have probably heard the story of Colonel Sanders. Legend has it that he was rejected 1009 times before someone gave him a chance to try out his fried chicken recipe. He walked and knocked on doors for years before he finally founded the KFC we know today. He did all this after his retirement at 65 years of age. He became a multi-billionaire at 88 years of age.

This video gives you a quick rundown of “The Life Of Colonel Sanders.”

The list of people who have achieved great success in their old age is endless; each story as inspiring as the last. The bottom line is this: you can achieve it if you set your mind to it. This is regardless of how old you are today.

The Secret to Success at an Old Age

Although it is easy to assume that these individuals achieved great success because they were born extra-ordinary, the truth is that they are just like every other person you meet. They had their failures, their doubts and their disbelief in themselves.

The one thing that they did not do is quit. Against all odds, these people kept going and eventually they achieved the success they were after all along. You too can be like these iconic names.

Okay, so maybe you may not be the next Nelson Mandela because your circumstances do not call for it. You may not be the next Colonel Sanders because you are not exactly that conversant with frying chicken. You can, however, be a more successful version of yourself.

Every single one of us has unique qualities from which they can draw their inspiration and success. Ask yourself:

  • What is it you are naturally good at?
  • What is it you do better than anyone else you know?
  • Do you have something you think the world should see or experience from you?

The answer to these questions may very well be your ticket to incredible success at an old age.

Prepare Yourself for Success at an Old Age

As you get older, your body begins to deteriorate. Like it or not, you are not as young as you used to be and that means that there are some things that you cannot do as well as you could when you were younger.

But just because the years have gone by does not mean that your health has to go down the drains as fast. There are certain things you can start doing today to slow down your aging process, keep your mind sharp and prime you for your success at an old age.

Keep Learning

You are never too old to learn something new. The best way to get new ideas or to find ways to beef up the ideas you already have is to keep learning. Read as much as you can and go for as many educative seminars as possible. Not only is this excellent for your cognitive health, but it also gives you something to do with your time.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

You need to be as healthy and as fit as possible if you are going to give yourself a good chance of succeeding later on in life. Anything worth doing is going to demand a lot of energy from you, both physically and mentally. You need to keep your energy and spirits up by eating healthy and exercising as much as possible.

Watch the Company You Keep

Have you heard the saying “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are?” This old adage is accurate on almost every level. The company you keep goes a long way in determining just how proactive and productive you are in real life. If you relate with high achievers, there is a good chance that you will pick up their habits and become a high achiever yourself.

Find a Health Way to Cope with Disappointment

One of the main reasons most people never try to be more than just ordinary is because they are afraid to fail. What you have probably learned by now is that in life, you are going to fail a few times; as long as you are trying, there is a good chance that you are going to fail some.

And that is okay. Failure doesn’t have to be the final destination for you. Use your past mistakes as lessons and stepping stones to get to where you are headed. Try as many times as it takes until you succeed. But in your quest to do so, you need to find healthy ways of dealing with the stress of failure.

  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Laughter
  • Companionship

These are all excellent ways to cope with disappointment. It also helps to have a sturdy support system around you. This is where the company you keep comes into sharp focus.

Embrace Technology

We are currently living in a technologically advanced world, and it is only going to get more technically advanced. People like Mark Zuckerberg made their fortune by leveraging the power of technology.

Take the time to learn how things work in the modern day and see if you can find ways to leverage that technology to your advantage. Not only is this a good way to keep yourself busy and informed, but it is also a good way to stay on top of medical advancements that can help make your life much easier, more efficient, and of a higher quality.


Traveling does a lot more than just relax you and introduce you to strange foreign cuisine. When you travel, you expand your mind. You get to see how people from different parts of the world do things. You may learn a thing or two that you can adapt and customize for your audience back home.

There is also a good chance that you might just fall in love with a foreign land. How would you know you absolutely love Japan if you do not go there? How about the Caribbean? Maybe you are meant for a life at sea? All these things will be revealed to you as you travel.

At the end of it all, how much success you achieve depends on your definition of the word. To you, does success mean:

  • Vast wealth?
  • Happiness?
  • Good health?
  • A good home?
  • A happy family?

Not everyone thinks success is all about money. Depending on your definition of the word, take the time to envision your path towards achieving your success and start working at it. Forget about how old you are and how brittle you feel: as long as your mind can conceive and believe it, you can definitely achieve it.


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