Brisbane Modern Kitchens


Kitchens stand out. They are a gathering point, a hub of activity, and they provide a level of class and ambiance to any house that simply cannot be garnered from any other room in the house.


To that end, Konstruct Interior Solutions focuses on providing the finest kitchens in Brisbane, across a wide variety of styles, set by the customer and our own suggestions as to how best to match the motif of the house. That is where the decision-making process becomes a vital one. In this series, we discuss three different kitchens popular in Brisbane and Australia as a whole: modern, traditional, and colonial.


The Modern Kitchen


Brisbane’s modern kitchen market has its roots in the scene that emerged from Europe and urban America in the 90s. It takes cues from the smaller dimension kitchens available in those areas, and places an emphasis on economy of space. Stand up cabinetry, flat presentations, fold-out storage areas, and small, efficient appliances are the norm here. However, there are a number of stylistic elements that come to play as well.


Good backlighting emanating from the hideaway cabinetry has become preferable, with a lighting that reflects well from brushed aluminium appliances. Hideaway appliances, integrated in to the wall cabinetry, lend the room a streamlined appearance with horizontal lines dominating. Stainless stovetop hoods have become a distinctive perk in this motif, their no-nonsense style contributing to a general lack of ornamentation.


Options abound, and these are general indicators, but this modern kitchen styling is gaining in popularity in Brisbane’s kitchen scene and elsewhere in Australia. If you’re interesting in pursuing this stylish new entrant, Konstruct can help you.


Next week, we’ll discuss the old standard ‘traditional’ Australian kitchen.


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