Brisbane’s Traditional Kitchens


In this second instalment of this series on the prevalent types of kitchens being in demand in Australia, we discuss one of Konstructis’ bread and butter building projects. The tradition Australian kitchen is a place of joy for many Australians, as the airy atmosphere and sunlight pervading the room speak to pleasurable memories from years past.


The traditional kitchen is a much more adorned version of the modern style. The lighting comes from high windows, and a mixture of overhead chandelier-type fixtures cast a warm glow on the rich, textured surfacing. The cabinetry avoids the flatness of the modern kitchen, preferring instead to pop out with raised bead lining and shaker doors.


Appliances in this kitchen are much more independent of their surroundings. In the days of old, a particular brand of refrigerator or dishwasher was a sight to behold, a status symbol, and deserved to be the center of attention. This elegant separation from the remainder of the fixtures is an element of the traditional kitchen that has not been lost upon us in our quest to perfect Brisbane’s kitchens.


As a spot that will no doubt host a wide variety of guests through the life of your tenancy at your house, a solid and beautiful traditional kitchen will continue to impress guests for years to come.


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