Brisbane’s Colonial Kitchen


As Brisbane continues to evolve, more and more homeowners are looking to revive their kitchens with a refurbishment. We have discussed the modern and the traditional kitchen styles. In our final instalment of this three-part series on trends in Brisbane’s kitchens, we enter the world of the colonial kitchen.


There is a sense of comfort in nostalgia. The older variety of house might evoke memories of one’s childhood, of trips to the grandparents with mom and dad. Your colonial kitchen fits this bill perfectly.


In some ways, the adornment qualities are similar to that of the traditional kitchen, but this is where the similarities end. The narrow, tall windows cast lengthy beams of unadulterated light in to this space, which is heavy on the exposed brick-and-beams of the house. Iron holders support decorative plates above the counters. There is a sense of stepping back in time.


The floors are hardwood, laid out with the grain accentuating the depth of the room. They are complimented by wooden countertops, with deeply-sat kitchen sinks. The cabinetry doors are simple, yet elegant, matching the utilitarian look of the appliances and the wooden chairs, while exposed shelving offers a hint of convenience over aesthetics.


This style is one that Konstructis places a great deal of pride upon. But then, we take a great deal of pride in all our work. If you’re ready to revolutionise your kitchen, we are your Brisbane kitchen authorities.


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