Choosing the Best Design for your New Kitchen

Interior design is all about balance. It’s great to have grand ideas, but you also have to work with what you’ve got. If you can strike a balance between your dreams and preexisting conditions, then you’ll have come a long way toward creating an ideal kitchen. At KonstructIS, we strive to combine design, décor and practicality, leaving you with a beautiful, functional cooking space.
Kitchens have a special place in any home, but they do not exist in isolation. When considering what you want your finished kitchen to look like, be careful to take into account the décor of the surrounding rooms. Would a modern kitchen suit the colonial style apparent throughout the rest of the house? Would a kitchen inspired by a country homestead fit a modern house? While juxtaposition and contrast can create inspired designs, they can also create clashes. If you have strong ideas and want to make a bold statement, KonstructIS will certainly accommodate your wishes, but it may be safer to continue the dominant home décor scheme. In this way, the design flows smoothly from room to room.
If you are also looking for inspiration outside of your home, it may be best to think about the things you love. The clothes you wear, the accessories you choose or the knick-knacks you are attracted to. If old world elegance is a common theme in your life, why not opt for a colonial kitchen. If you follow all the latest trends, then a modern kitchen will likely suit your tastes better.
Once you have considered the décor of your house and your personal taste, research is key. Type in some ideas on Google, search Pinterest, visit display rooms and scour home décor magazines. Your individual ideas will soon come together and an overall picture will emerge.
This is where we come in. KonstructIS are the kitchen design and construction experts, specialising in multiple kitchen styles. Together we will transform your ideas into reality!

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