Handmade vs Mass Produced Cabinets


In recent years there has been a renaissance of sorts. Many people are revisiting more traditional methods of human endeavour. Slow cooked meals, organic food and almost every art or craft you can think of is returning, in many ways, to their roots. These values from bygone eras are often combined with modern materials and techniques to get the best of both worlds and this is exactly what KonstructIS specialise in. As the leading cabinet makers in Brisbane, we are passionate about creating fantastic, affordable and unique cabinetry for anywhere in the home.


Once a highly skilled craft, cabinetry went into decline as the industrial revolution took hold and mass production and consumption replaced small scale, handmade furniture. However, people are once again finding themselves attracted to bespoke pieces that incorporate their own design and function ideas.


IKEA, the pinnacle of mass produced furniture, and similar brands are still immensely popular of course, but many people want to adorn their house with more unique feature pieces. Here, we look at just three of the many benefits of seeking out cabinet makers in Brisbane, as opposed to buying mass produced items.




Quantity, not quality, is the focus for any mass producer of furniture. This means there is less quality control and flaws and weaknesses are an inevitable part of the manufacturing process. We believe in quality over quantity at KonstructIS, and go to great lengths to ensure every cabinet we build is as sturdy and strong as possible.


Custom build


One of the great benefits of using cabinet makers in Brisbane, is the capability of the business to work closely with the client, adding unique features or tailoring what is built to their discretion. With a mass-produced item, you may like the material but not the fittings or vice-versa. KonstructIS will use the materials you want and build your cabinet as per your specifications and the measurements of your home. If you have a distinctive style, only the flexibility of cabinetry experts, such as KonstructIS, will bring this to life in your home.




Mass production is synonymous with unsustainability and exploitation. Sourcing cabinet makers in Brisbane means you are supporting the local economy and the production and transportation costs to the environment are significantly lower.


After decades constructing kitchens, bathrooms and furniture in Queensland, Konstruct Interior Solutions is unrivaled for experience and quality. We bring the same dedication and expertise to all jobs great and small and are happy to involve all our clients to the extent that suits them. If you’re looking for cabinet makers in Brisbane, contact us and we’ll build something special for your home.


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